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Track, compare and control your dog's weight

Easily check, track and compare your dog or puppy's weight online from anywhere.

Everything About Dog and Puppy Weight: Keeping Healthy Growth in Sight

At, our goal is to make sure your beloved four-legged friend grows up healthy to avoid possible future complications.

Registered dog named 'Abby' Registered dog named 'BamBam' Registered dog named 'Ivy' Registered dog named 'Vahile'

Trusted by 20.000+ dog owners

Our handy online tool allows you to conveniently track your dog's weight and compare the growth curve with reference values as well as other registered dogs of the same breed. So you can see at a glance if your dog or puppy has a healthy weight for his current age.

With the click of a button, you can easily share the results with your vet, breeder or potential puppy buyers to quickly provide important information. Our tool helps you track your dog's growth, with currently over 140 weight curves from more than 70 different dog breeds. This database is regularly updated to provide you with the best possible information.

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Determining the precise final weight of your dog

Our dog growth calculator allows you to accurately determine the estimated final weight of your dog. Whether it's a puppy or a growing dog, with this user-friendly tool, you can quickly and easily get an estimate of the final weight.

Simply enter your dog's current weight and birth date into the tool below. Optionally, you can also specify the breed to achieve even more accurate results. Then click 'Calculate final weight' and instantly get the estimated final weight of your loyal companion.

Dog Weight Calculator


Labrador Retriever & French Bulldog The most popular dog breeds in the last 7 days

Discover the two dog breeds that have been registered the most in the last 7 days: the Labrador Retriever and the French Bulldog. These breeds enjoy great popularity among dog owners due to their unique features and lovable character.

Whether you're interested in a Labrador Retriever or a French Bulldog, both breeds offer wonderful qualities and are loyal companions. Register your dog for free and learn more about the ideal weight and health of these popular breeds. Track and Compare Your Dog's Weight Interactively

With, you have the opportunity to track your dog's weight interactively and compare it with other dogs of the same breed. Our practical online tool allows you to keep an eye on your dog's growth curve and ensure that they maintain a healthy weight for their age.

Don't miss the chance to actively monitor your dog's weight and ensure they experience healthy growth. Use to track your dog's weight interactively and gain valuable comparison data.

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Registered dog named 'Abby' Registered dog named 'BamBam' Registered dog named 'Ivy' Registered dog named 'Vahile'

Trusted by 20.000+ dog owners

Discover the ideal weight for your Dog and track his progress!

Benefits of Dog Weight Tracking: Health, Prevention, and Community

Tracking your dog's weight provides numerous benefits for their health and your life as a dog owner. By regularly monitoring their weight, you can ensure they maintain a healthy weight, detect potential health issues early on, and take preventive measures. Additionally, it allows you to become part of a dedicated community of dog owners, where you can exchange ideas, receive support, and gain valuable insights. Register now for free and reap the benefits of dog weight tracking for your loyal companion!

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