Dog Sports List: Explore the Diverse World of Dog Sports

From Agility to Obedience: Explore different ways to get active with your dog and strengthen the bond between you.

Dog sports Agility


Agility is a dynamic dog sport where speed and precision are crucial. The dog must complete a course with various obstacles such as jumps, tunnels, and slaloms as quickly and flawlessly as possible under the guidance of its handler. This promotes agility, obedience, and the bond between dog and handler.

Dog sports Obedience


In Obedience, the obedience training, the dog learns to respond precisely and reliably to a variety of commands. This sport requires high concentration and discipline from the dog and strengthens communication between dog and handler. The goal is to promote a harmonious relationship through mutual respect and understanding.

Dog sports Flyball


Flyball is a fast-paced team game where two teams of dogs compete against each other. The dogs sprint over a line of hurdles to a Flyball box that releases a ball when pressed. The dog catches the ball and returns over the same hurdles to the start. This sport improves fitness, speed, and teamwork.

Dog sports Rally-Obedience


Rally-Obedience combines elements of traditional obedience training with a course made of signs with instructions. Dog and handler navigate through the course, performing specific exercises at each sign. The sport promotes the dog's versatility and obedience and improves teamwork.

Dog sports Discdogging


Discdogging is an action-packed sport where dogs catch Frisbees thrown by their owners. The discipline requires speed, agility, and precision and offers an excellent opportunity to strengthen the bond between dog and handler while promoting the dog's fitness.

Dog sports Protection Dog

Protection Dog

Protection dog sport is a demanding discipline that combines obedience, protection work, and tracking. Dogs are trained to protect on command but also to remain calm and controlled. This sport requires intense bonding and communication between dog and handler and is often used for service dogs.

Dog sports Scent Work

Scent Work

In Scent Work, dogs are trained to identify and signal specific scents. This sport leverages the dog's natural scent detection instincts and is used in practical applications such as searching for missing persons or detecting dangerous substances. It promotes the dog's mental stimulation and working ability.

Dog sports Tracking


In tracking, the dog learns to follow a trail and find hidden objects or persons. This discipline leverages the dog's natural scent detection inclination and promotes its concentration and endurance. Tracking is used both in sports and in rescue operations and strengthens the trust and cooperation between dog and handler.

Dog sports Canicross


Canicross is a form of cross-country running where the dog and the handler are connected by a leash and run together. This promotes the physical fitness of both, strengthens the bond, and trains the dog's obedience in a dynamic environment. It is an ideal sport for high-energy dogs that need a lot of exercise.

Dog sports Bikejoring


In Bikejoring, one or more dogs pull a bicycle. The sport combines the speed of cycling with the pulling power of the dog and requires good coordination and communication between dog and cyclist. Bikejoring is especially popular in areas where traditional dog sledding sports are practiced outside the winter season.

Dog sports Dog Sledding

Dog Sledding

Dog sledding is a traditional form of dog sport where teams of dogs pull a sled through snowy landscapes. This sport requires intensive teamwork, endurance, and discipline from the dogs as well as strategic planning and leadership skills from the musher (sled driver).

Dog sports Water Games

Water Games

Water Games are activities specifically designed for dogs to play and work in water. This includes fetching objects from the water, often seen with retrievers. These games promote swimming ability and enjoyment of water.

Dog sports Dog Dancing

Dog Dancing

Dog Dancing, or Canine Freestyle, is a sport where dog and handler perform a choreography set to music together. This promotes creativity, discipline, and rhythm of the dog as well as the close bond with the handler.

Dog sports Treibball


Treibball is a modern dog sport where dogs must drive large exercise balls into a specific target or goal. It resembles herding sheep and demands skill, obedience, and good communication with the handler from the dogs.

Dog sports Herding


Herding is a traditional task for many dog breeds where dogs learn to control livestock under the guidance of their handler. This sport requires high concentration, intelligence, and the ability to respond to minimal commands.

Dog sports Dog Parkour

Dog Parkour

Dog Parkour, also known as Urban Agility, is a sport where dogs overcome obstacles in urban or natural environments. Similar to human parkour, it promotes agility, strength, and the dog's self-confidence.

Dog sports Weight Pulling

Weight Pulling

Weight Pulling is a strength sport where dogs pull heavy loads over a short distance. This sport measures the strength and endurance of the dog as well as its ability to respond to the handler's commands. It is important that this sport is conducted under professional supervision and with proper training to ensure the health and well-being of the dog.

Dog sports Skijoring


Skijoring is a winter sport where one or more dogs pull a skier. The dog is connected to the skier via a tow line, who steers with ski poles. This sport combines cross-country skiing and dog sledding and requires good teamwork and communication between dog and skier to navigate effectively through snowy landscapes.

Dog sports Mondioring


Mondioring is an international dog sport that combines elements of protection service, obedience, and agility. The sport is designed to test the versatility, intelligence, and working ability of dogs across various disciplines, focusing on realistically simulating situations that a protection dog must master.

Dog sports French Ring Sport

French Ring Sport

French Ring Sport is a challenging dog sport that originated in France. It tests the dog's skills in areas such as obedience, jumps, and protection work. The sport is known for its high intensity and the demanding scenarios that challenge both the physical and mental strength of the dog.

Dog sports Barn Hunt

Barn Hunt

Barn Hunt is a relatively new dog sport that utilizes the dog's natural drive to search for hidden rats (safely in ventilated containers) in a specially designed course. This sport promotes nose work and the dog's ability to work independently while also providing a safe and animal-friendly environment.

Dog sports Musical Canine Freestyle

Musical Canine Freestyle

Musical Canine Freestyle, also known as dog dancing, is a captivating sport where dogs and their handlers perform choreographies to music. This creative and artistic sport promotes discipline, coordination, and the bond between dog and handler while allowing for spectacular performances.

Dog sports Lure Coursing

Lure Coursing

Lure Coursing is a fast-paced and exciting race where dogs follow a rapidly moving lure on an open track. This sport is particularly popular among sighthounds as it appeals to their natural hunting instinct and love for speed.

Dog sports Dock Diving

Dock Diving

Dock Diving is an entertaining and competitive sport where dogs jump from a dock as far or as high as possible into the water. The discipline measures the jumping power and swimming ability of the dog and is a great event for dogs that love water.

Dog sports Carting


Carting, also known as dog cart driving, is a sport where dogs pull small wagons or carts. This traditional sport strengthens the working ability and teamwork between dog and handler and is particularly suitable for larger, powerful breeds.

Dog sports Hooper's Agility

Hooper's Agility

Hooper's Agility is a variation of classic agility where dogs run through special arches (hoops) instead of jumping. This makes the sport less straining on the joints and more accessible for older or physically limited dogs.

Dog sports IGP


IGP, formerly known as Schutzhund, is a three-part sport that includes tracking, obedience, and protection service. This complex and versatile discipline requires intensive collaboration and a strong bond between dog and handler and is used worldwide for the training of working and service dogs.

Dog sports Sheepdog Trials

Sheepdog Trials

Sheepdog Trials are competitions where herding dogs demonstrate their ability to guide sheep under the handler's direction through various challenges. This sport assesses precision, obedience, and the dog's ability to respond to subtle commands, and is a true test of the working ability of herding dogs.