Broholmer: Weight charts, life expectancy, size, and more

Discover everything about the Broholmer, including weight charts, weight progressions of registered dogs, life expectancy, size, and other useful information.

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Head of the dog breed Broholmer
  • 70 - 75 cm
  • 88 - 132 lbs
  • 8 - 12 years
  • from 19 months
  • 75 - 80 cm
  • 110 - 154 lbs
  • 8 - 12 years
  • from 20 months

Size, development and life expectancy of Broholmern

The Broholmer is one of the large dog breeds. As soon as he is fully grown after a maximum of 24 months, the Broholmer reaches an impressive size of 70 - 80 cm.

The Broholmer is characterized by an average life expectancy of 8 - 12 years. This makes it one of the dog breeds with a typical lifespan. The final weight varies depending on gender, ranging between 88.2 - 154.3 lbs. Male Broholmern are usually around 22 lbs heavier than females.

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Male Weight Curve: Development of the Broholmer from 2 to 24 Months

A male Broholmer reaches an impressive weight of 37,4 lbs after only 3 months, exceeding the weight of many adult dog breeds. At the age of half a year, the weight increases rapidly to 80,9 lbs. After the rapid growth phase, the Broholmer grows another 14 months and finally reaches a final weight of 110.2 - 154.3 lbs.

Age Weight
2 Month 22.49 lbs
3 Month 41.89 lbs
4 Month 60.19 lbs
5 Month 77.38 lbs
6 Month 93.48 lbs
7 Month 99.43 lbs
8 Month 104.94 lbs
9 Month 110.56 lbs
10 Month 115.52 lbs
11 Month 120.37 lbs
12 Month 124.34 lbs
13 Month 128.75 lbs
14 Month 132.72 lbs
15 Month 136.25 lbs
16 Month 139.55 lbs
17 Month 142.20 lbs
18 Month 145.28 lbs
19 Month 147.71 lbs
20 Month 149.47 lbs
21 Month 151.90 lbs
22 Month 153.22 lbs
23 Month 154.32 lbs

Female Weight Curve: Development of the Broholmer from 2 to 22 Months

Female dogs of the dog breed Broholmer are also among the heavier dog breeds. They reach a weight of 32,0 lbs after 3 months. Another 3 months later, they weigh an average of 68,0 lbs. After an additional 13 months, Broholmer females ultimately reach their final weight of 88.2 - 132.3 lbs.

Age Weight
2 Month 17.64 lbs
3 Month 35.27 lbs
4 Month 50.93 lbs
5 Month 66.14 lbs
6 Month 79.81 lbs
7 Month 84.44 lbs
8 Month 89.07 lbs
9 Month 94.80 lbs
10 Month 98.55 lbs
11 Month 102.51 lbs
12 Month 106.26 lbs
13 Month 109.79 lbs
14 Month 113.10 lbs
15 Month 116.40 lbs
16 Month 119.27 lbs
17 Month 121.70 lbs
18 Month 123.90 lbs
19 Month 126.10 lbs
20 Month 127.87 lbs
21 Month 129.41 lbs
22 Month 131.17 lbs
23 Month 132.28 lbs
Registered dog named 'Abby' Registered dog named 'BamBam' Registered dog named 'Ivy' Registered dog named 'Vahile'

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Broholmer: Frequently asked questions about the dog breed

How much does a Broholmer puppy weigh?

Typically, a Broholmer puppy weighs around 17,1 - 37,4 lbs at 2 months old and continues to gain an additional 32,96 lbs over the next 2 months. By approximately 18 weeks, when the puppy reaches the adolescent stage, a Broholmer puppy weighs about 45,5 - 67,4 lbs.

What is the typical size of a Broholmer?

The size of an Broholmer can vary depending on gender and genetics. Generally, male Broholmers reach a shoulder height of approximately 77.5 cm, while females have an average shoulder height of around 72.5 cm.

When is the dog breed Broholmer fully grown?

The dog breed Broholmer usually reaches full physical maturity at about 20 to 22 months of age. However, this may vary from individual to individual, as each dog has its own growth rate.

What is the average weight of a fully grown Broholmer?

The weight of a fully grown Broholmer dog can vary depending on factors such as gender and genetics. On average, male dogs of this breed typically weigh between 110.2 - 154.3 lbs. Female dogs, on the other hand, usually have a weight range of 88.2 - 132.3 lbs.

What is the average lifespan of a Broholmer dog?

Broholmern generally have a life expectancy of approximately 8 to 12 years. With proper care, nutrition, and regular veterinary attention, they can lead happy and healthy lives.